The Gulf of Follonica

Follonica is situated in the centre of a fantastic gulf which stretches from Piombino to Punta Ala. There are beautiful beaches and an unpolluted sea.


A wide beach of pale sand which stretches as far as the old pump house of Carbonifera. There is a reef about 30 metres from the beach (which appears to be the old line of the old Roman Aurelia road ) where the sea is always shallow, clean and inhabited by shoals of sea bream, white bream, salpa fish and mussels, you just need a diving mask to discover a new uncontaminated world.

Torre Mozza

The tower, which is immersed in the crystal clear sea, guards over a wild landscape made up of sand dunes and reeds. From the beach you can see the whole of the gulf of Follonica, with the promontory of Punta Ala on the left and Piombino on the right. On clear days you can see beyond the island of Elba, Montecristo, Cerboli, Palmaiola and Corsica, and at night the lights of Macinaggio (Corsica) mix with the lights of Cavo (Elba) and Piombino. Along the stretch of sand, in the direction of Follonica, you can find campsites and tourist villages with various attractions and opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

Il Boschetto

Going from the centre of Follonica along the Promenade Italia in the direction of Prato Ranieri, we find the beach of Boschetto. On the right we can see the skyline of Follonica and a wonderful beach and clean sea with a pine wood in the background.

La Polveriera

On the Collacchie road, in the direction of Castiglione della Pescaia, you can find this broad stretch of sand surrounded by pine wood. The sea is shallow and in the hours of low tide small sandy islands are formed where children love to play. The pine wood at the back provides cool shade in the hottest hours of the day and there are many corners where you can have a picnic lunch or a quick snack. The sea, which is almost always calm, is warmer than other parts of the Gulf as it is more shallow and has few currents.

Cala Martina e Cala Violina

These two famous bays can be found in the Puntone area. Cala Martina, a small rocky beach (a monument on the path and a stone in the sea are in memory of the Garibaldi’s escape from the papal guards) and Cala Violina, where we can find picnic tables and benches surrounded by greenery and an ample beach with crystal clear sea. The name of the beach derives from the fact that walking on the beach makes a sound like a string instrument.

Casetta Civinini

On the Punta Ala road we find Casetta Civinini. There is a large pine wood with a car park and a small bar with benches in the shade of the pines, and a broad beach which is more than 6 km long. In the distance the Torre Hidalgo stands out and a little higher up the Castle of Italo Balbo. On clear days we can see the imposing silhouette of the island of Elba opposite and the promontory of Piombino. Her we are on the southern edge of the Gulf of Follonica and Piombino in the distance closes the splendid semi circle of this Gulf of sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

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There are 20 rooms in the hotel, which is situated on the waterfront of the small town, 10 minutes walk from the centre.

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Follonica is located in the middle of a great gulf that stretches from Piombino to Punta Ala. It has beautiful beaches bordering a pristine beach.

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A vast coastal area and a land which is both sweet and wild at the same time, long ago interspersed with marshy areas and dominated by the Spanish, by the Medici family and then finally reclaimed by the Lorena family.

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